Fraxinus Oxycarpa

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Botanical Name: Fraxinus Oxycarpa.

Common Name: Raywood Ash.

Description of the Fraxinus Oxycarpa tree picture: The photograph shows a Raywood ash in full summer leaf, this tree is growing in a botanical garden in England.

Information about the Fraxinus Oxycarpa tree: The Raywood ash is a fast growing tree, during the summer the leaves are dark green. When the autumn arrives the leaves then turn a plum-purple colour.

A colourful photograph of a Fraxinus Oxycarpa tree. This Fraxinus Oxycarpa picture is one of many tree images. The tree picture gallery has Palm, Oak, Fruit, Maple, Evergreen, Flowering trees to name but a few. Browse the pictures of trees gallery and enjoy the tree pictures!

Trees, so many trees in the world. A Palm tree picture reminds you of a warm sunny place. The oak that was used to build many sailing ships in pastimes. A flowering tree provides a wonderful sight of color, along with the evergreen in the winter.

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The colourful Japanese Maple of which there are many. Trees for all to enjoy.

A colourful photograph of a Fraxinus Oxycarpa - The common name for this tree is Raywood Ash

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Fraxinus Oxycarpa Tree Picture