Pictures of Conifer Trees

Pictures and information about evergreen trees. From small conifer trees to large conifer trees, from Scots pine to cedar, Yew to Thuja. Plus many more trees in the colourful digital picture conifer tree gallery, for all to see!

Information about each conifer tree type, with a colourful picture of the conifer tree with close-ups of the leaf and trunk in some instances. Many more evergreen tree pictures being frequently added. Colourful digital pictures of knockout conifer tree images.

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How nice it is to rest under the shade of a Oak tree on a hot sunny day, or to climb when we are children, and when the summer fades the beautiful autumn colours are displayed, red, orange and gold giving a knockout display. Christmas trees, the many different pine trees that are used at Christmas time, along with the artificial Christmas trees that seem to resemble the natural tree better as each Christmas passes but never surpassing natures wonderful trees. The smell of the natural pine Christmas tree in the house is wonderful, filling the room with natures scent.

Shrubs, the flowering Camellia which shows so many different colour flowers, red ,white, pink and more.  Evergreen shrubs such as the Spotted Laurel which are popular in many gardens. Rhododendrons with their many varieties producing wonderful displays of flowers in the spring and early summer. Azaleas that  produce an abundance of flowers with such magnificent colours.

Tree pictures and information with photogrphic close-ups of the trunk and the leaves.

Conifers are cone-bearing seed plants examples of conifers include cedars, douglas-firs, cypresses, firs, junipers, larches, pines, redwoods, spruces, and yews. The number of conifer species is relatively small but conifers are of great ecological importance. They are the dominant plants over vast areas of land.

Conifers are also of economic value, primarily for timber and paper production; the wood of conifers is known as softwood. Conifers can lose their needles yearly but most are evergreen.

Conifer trees have needle like foliage and usually renew many leaves each year. The foliage is usually narrow and sharp-pointed or small.